Benefits of being a member

  • Belonging to the leading scientific pharmacology association of Colombia
  • Net-working with other colleagues.
  • Permanent update
  • Agreements with international pharmacology associations
  • Discounts on face-to-face and virtual conferences
  • Continuing education with preferential prices
  • Access to resources and prestigious online professional journals
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Member types

The ACF will be made up of five categories of members named: Founders, Number, Associates, Honorary and Emeritus.

Founders members:

To be Founding Members, it is required to have signed the ACF Constitution Act.

Number Members:

To be a Full Member it is required:
a) Be a professional trained in pharmacology or a professional linked to teaching, research or healthcare activities in Pharmacology.
b) Submit an application for admission, duly documented.

Associate Members:

To be an Associate Member it is required:
a) Be a professional in disciplines other than pharmacology.
b) Submit the application for admission, duly documented and endorsed by two full members.
c) Be admitted by the National Board of Directors.

Honorary Members:

To be an Honorary Member it is required:
a) Be a professional, national or foreign, linked to Pharmacology, to whom the National Board of Directors, unanimously, grants such honor, in attention to the merits demonstrated in the exercise of their profession, in teaching or in research, of special relevance to the profession.
b) Being President of other national or foreign scientific societies, lecturer at ACF academic events, which, in the opinion of the National Board of Directors, has contributed in a special way to the progress of the ACF or Pharmacology in Colombia.

Emeritus Members:

To be an Emeritus Member it is required:
a) Be a Full Member of the ACF for twenty (20) continuous years.
b) Having provided outstanding services to the ACF, in the opinion of the National Board of Directors.
c) To be the former National President of the ACF.

Admission request

Fill out the following form to request to join the ACF. We are waiting for you!

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
1. Mini resume (1/2 page letter size).
2. Please attach a photocopy proving your professional title (s).
3. Please attach a photocopy of the citizenship card.

Double membership with ASPET

The ACF has made an agreement with ASPET (The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics) one of the most recognized pharmacology associations in the world


  • Be part of one of the most prestigious pharmacology communities in the world
  • Discounts on academic activities
  • Access to resources of the ASPET digital platform
  • Recognition and support for people who explore pharmacology and have made important contributions.
  • Possibility of presenting research and networking with other colleagues
  • Full access to ASPET publications

More benefits in the member guide of ASPET


  • Be safe and sound with the ACF and have paid the amount according to its category.
  • Fill out the registration form and attach the following documents in English:
  • CV
  • If you are a Master's student: Letter of recommendation signed by the University or the tutor that contains:
    • That you are in good standing with the university (you are currently registered and making adequate progress)
    • The research project you are working on
    • The year of the program the student is in / research progress